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CL108FDSA Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 12V

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Capacity 600 mL
Max. Air Flow 1.2m³/min
Max. Sealed Suction (water column) 4.4 kPa (445mm H20)
Dimensions Length: 956mm (37-5/8″)
Width: 110mm (4-5/16″)
Height: 150mm (5-7/8″)
Net Weight 1-1.2kg (2.3-2.7lbs)
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1 no. x BL1021B battery (12V, 2Ah) and 1 no. x DC10SB charger (12V Li-ion, 10.8V NiMH) included. Charging duration of the battery is 30min.
It is lightweight but with strong suction power, and has a built-in LED light which helps to illuminate the work area.