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Neem Cake Enhanced Formulation (1kg)

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Organic fertilizer with systemic pest prevention, composed of 90% of high organic matter like neem cake enhances with fabaceae seed cake.

High content of organic matter provides nutrients and ensures the soil’s softness.

Its natural pesticides content can hinder the growth of pathogenic soil fungus, inhibit parasitic nematodes, and it can be absorbed through the root system to build the plant defence system.

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Usage instruction
– To apply on planting area and cover with soil.

Crops Type Application Rate Application Frequency
Fruit Trees 2-4kg each tree Pre-harvest & post harvest
Short or mid term crops
(vegetables, corn, paddy,
sugarcane, watermelon)
500g-1kg per 100 ft2 1. During land preparation
2. Before flowering
Potted Plants 5-10gm per pot
Usual fertilizing